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Today we’re giving away musical note vectors- free vectors. I came up with these as I was working on a cover design for a musician- I figure it has a universal application to a design because it can be used on any genre of music from hip hop to classical to country- musical notes apply to them all. I designed the music vectors in various orientations- so one of them’s got to fit your design whatever the space situation is. Music is a lot like graphic design but with sound- so I encourage you all to listen to music when you design- I usually get my best creative ideas as I’m just sitting there listening to music.

I’m not sure what these sheet music vectors would sound like if they were to actually be performed on a violin or piano- but it’d probably totally awesome! There are a total of seven free music vector graphics in this free download. This free vector art is original, copyright free artwork that can be used on any commercial or personal project. This eps file is friendly to anyone using adobe illustrator 8 or higher- Enjoy.

Thanks for checking in- we’re working on more vectors to feed your need, so come back soon.


29 Responses to “Sheet Music Note Vectors- Free”

  1. Will Knot B. Revealed Snr. Says:

    Lovely. Thank You!


  2. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for this. Perfect for a flyer design for my day job!

  3. Nando Says:

    Glad it came in handy. Even superman had a day job.

  4. Portfolio David Dylan Jessurun Says:

    […] it, for those amongst us who want to learn. (It’s the part of my job I enjoy most, anyway.) Check this great set of downloadables out. Why not share […]

  5. PEDRO Says:

    Muy bueno el aporte gracias a gente como tu nosotros podemos tener herramientas a la mano. Gracias.

  6. Angela Says:

    thank you!

  7. Su Hall Says:

    Pretty cool! Very original, as well. Thank you.


  8. jiakerin Says:


  9. Cherie Says:

    Thanks! Beautiful

  10. Mechelle Says:

    Love these I will use them.. Thank you so much…

  11. Kenia Says:

    GRACIAS!!! k)

  12. Ben Says:

    Thanks alot!

  13. Kimberly Says:

    These could be useful! I really like them! TYVM!

  14. Minji Says:

    Brilliant design! Thanks a lot for sharing this!

  15. Bruna Mollo Says:

    great stuff, check out this violin vid? Norbert Wentzel

  16. tu Says:

    very good

  17. Loco Says:

    TY it would be great to use

  18. Kristian Says:

    Nice.. just what I needed. THX

  19. Muss Says:

    Thanks so much!

  20. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for sharing this is exactly what I needed for a flyer I’m creating & will be usefull for other projects in the future – you rock!

  21. melissa Says:

    Thank you for sharing! This vector will serve the flyer I’m creating very well & many projects in the future – I’m certain. You Rock!!

  22. Lisa Says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  23. Andric Says:

    Nice design! Thanks!

  24. Robyn Says:

    Thank you! I’m looking forward to using this in my art journal (personal art only)!

  25. a'ha Says:

    thank you !!!

  26. Patrcia Chammas Says:

    Thank you!! I like the most the first one in circle and the other by that. Beautiful your cover design! Greatings from Brazil.

  27. kristi Says:


  28. sana2156 Says:

    thank you?

  29. Lorraine Says:

    Really fantastic design. I love these grungy music notes!

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