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skateboarding-vectors-keepdesigning-promoHello again friends, I usually don’t enjoy being injured, but when I do- my favorite way to do so is by skateboarding.  Nothing beats pulling off an ollie 360 flip nosegrind and landing on your ankle all wrong.  In honor of our injured heroes we’ve created a set of skateboarding vectors that would be great for any grunge design skateboard art, t-shirt, or poster- or whatever you’re working on.  There are six skateboarding art vectors in all, this free download zip file contains an eps file useful to anyone running adobe illustrator 8 or higher.

Thanks for checking us out.


Click Here to download: skateboard-vectors-keepdesigning-com-eps
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32 Responses to “Skate Boarding Art Vectors- Free”

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  2. sekar Says:

    verrry goood

  3. aspy Says:


  4. JOSE Says:


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  6. Taz Says:

    i interest with y’r design

  7. Loco Says:




  9. Stone Says:

    Yes Darryl, they can be used for both!

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  11. uisokchung Says:

    Thank you very much! Very Very Good!!!

  12. Jonny Says:

    Thanks, these are great – just what I needed!

  13. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the images!!!

    There great!

  14. Nate Says:

    You rock! Thanks, also, looking for artists who want to have their work published and featured on skateboards on our site. I have a commission plan in place for sales. You can email me at

    If this is improper posting… please delete my comment.

  15. Tanya Says:

    Awesome! but i have to admit i was disappointed when i didn’t see any female illustrations. Girls skate too! Hope I see them soon, thanks!

  16. Nando Says:

    your right Tanya, sorry for the oversight. i’ll keep that in mind next time. One thing you can do is draw in a pony tail to make them look more feminine.

  17. kinako Says:


  18. shoes Says:

    Man that is cool, as a skater that is very inspirational to me. With that post it looks like I can refer some friends.

  19. gece Says:


  20. ijf Says:


  21. karin Says:

    hee ik doe de surprise over skaten en dan maak ik een doos met daar in een gat… eigenlijk een kijkdoos met die poppetjes erin met visdraad eraan en dan onder die doos doe ik nog een doos met de pakjes:)

  22. rubi Says:

    gracias 🙂

  23. Graffiti Art Says:

    Hey cool vector man!

  24. Graffiti Art Says:

    Hey cool vector i like the vector

  25. azki Says:

    cool..very cool hah..?!?!
    like it!!

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  27. dope ice Says:

    loving it…

  28. XRumerTest Says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  29. sxmy maldonado Says:


  30. Youth Graffiti Workshops Says:

    Love it man

  31. Youth Graffiti Workshops Says:

    do you have any Bmx vectors?

  32. Eric Fritz Says:

    No but check here:

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