Ready Made Photoshop Butterfly Design Template- Free

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butterfly-theme-photoshop-graphic-design-template-keepdesigning-promoDesigning is not always easy- that’s why today we’re giving away this free graphic design template, this photoshop design template has a butterfly theme border, with some slick fonts included.  This is a pre-made design you can customize to your liking and do what you will.  It’s simple, just download the zip file containing the photoshop document, install the fonts, edit the text and photo layers, ding! your design is ready.

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Fontstruct: build, share, and download free fonts

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Fontstruct- font creating website

Have you ever wanted to create your own font but never had the creative resource to do so? well fret no more- check out Font Shop International’ new website, a free online community and resource for creating, sharing, and downloading custom made fonts. This online editor sports an easy to use interface and intuitive tools that allow you to create everything from dingbats to old english lettering, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Typography at 30fps – Pulp Fiction Dialogue Motion Design

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Just a fantastic piece of motion design, this video clip captures the intensity of a key scene from the film Pulp Fiction using almost nothing but letterforms. There are nice subtleties, like the little spatters that sync up with the desperate sounds made by the ‘victim’ after the trigger is pulled. And the heavy slab-serif font (Rockwell??) works so well. Great stuff. I think it was created for one of Ted Turner’s networks.

The Best Grunge Font Designer

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Gyom Séguin continues to create the finest grunge fonts. Check out his site and fonts like the ones below. They walk the fine line of readability, but never go over the edge.

grunge fonts

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