Dramatic Tree Stock Photos

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We’ve got some free stock images of trees that have some natural drama, and some tree images with some dramatic treatment applied to them. It’s a set of four stock photos, all taken by us, far from our cozy 4 bedroom apartments, all for you 🙂 Use them as you wish.

The tree covered in freezing rain and ice image was taken at the entrance of a State Park in Tennessee or in Kentucky, I forget which… long drive. The other photos were taken in late fall in Illinois.

One photo is a tree lined pathway with long dark shadows that help define the path. Then there is a cluster of small trees in the woods with highly textured white, gray and black bark. The trees seem to grow and lean out from a central spot in the forest. Finally there is a silhouette photo of tree trunks and branches with the sun behind them.

Click on the thubmnails below for larger previews.

tree-photo-ice-frozen-rain-covered tree-silhouetted-against-blue-sky
white-gray-bark-trees-growing-out-from-central-spot tree-lined-path-dramatic-shadows

The free stock photos download includes 4 JPEG images each at 3872×2592.


9 Responses to “Dramatic Tree Stock Photos”

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  2. raja Says:

    wow Amazing .. really like it

    thank you very much for it 🙂

  3. webmozg Says:

    Cool photos!

  4. Su Hall Says:

    Nice set1 These will certainly go to good use! Thank you!


  5. zahra Says:


  6. Ann Says:

    Very nice…thank you!

  7. Steve Says:

    So I could sell products with these images on them?

  8. Stone Says:

    Yes you can Steve. I took the photos and am allowing any and all usage.

  9. image2vector Says:

    Great find! Thanks for the trees! 🙂

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