Jungle plant vine beanstalk vectors- free

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I’ve heard it through the grape “vine” that today’s free vectors are awesome. Jack can save his magic beans- because these beanstalk vectors are free. This free illustrator vector download contains six unique vines, beanstalks, and jungle plants. Some are detailed and intricate while others are simple and clean.

This free vector download is a free to be used on any personal or commercial work. The free download file works with adobe illustrator 8 or higher.

Stay tuned for more great free vectors coming soon. Go Green!


11 Responses to “Jungle plant vine beanstalk vectors- free”

  1. VintageVectors Says:

    Yay! More free vector goodness. Thanks! 🙂

  2. ELIZABETH Says:


  3. Rohheesh Says:

    Fantastic !!!!

  4. Su Hall Says:

    This is so nice! In my fantasy art, I’ve come across the need for vines several times. Thank YOU!

  5. AKSENT Says:

    wow man. this is good stuff. thank you for sharing.

  6. Su Hall Says:

    I commented once, but, I just wanted to add that these work in Photoshop CS3. Adobe files are interchangeable between programs. I only mention this as you state these work in Illustrator 8 and above. Kind of opens up a lot more possibilities, eh? I didn’t know this for a long time!
    I did a piece with one of the vines:
    Thank you, again!

  7. Nando Says:

    Thanks Su, nice artwork and clever use of our vectors. It came out splendid. We will make a note of the cs3 usage for future posts- thanks.

  8. anselrhodes Says:

    Nice work, thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Best Man Says:

    Thank you very much. Those vectors helped me out to get a new job. Thank you so much.

  10. Juan Pablo Says:

    Gracias desde un pequeño pueblo de Argentina!

  11. dayna Says:


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