Convert Photos into Stone- Photoshop Tutorial

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Photoshop special effects are amongst my favorite things to do with photographs.� I recently found a tutorial over at that shows you how to convert a regular portrait photo into a Michelangelo-esque statue using a few photoshop tricks.� You can see my two attempts at following this tutorial below. One statue looks more like stone, I then added a column and some lighting.� I made the other statue look more like marble for a sleeker surface texture, I then added some angel wings.



Follow the link over to to learn this cool photoshop effect.� Thanks for checking us out.

17 Responses to “Convert Photos into Stone- Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Christina Mitchell Says:

    Nice effect.

  2. Marco Soto Says:


  3. Brandon Nielsen Says:

    I like how your second attempt turned out more than the original tut. Nice job! Looks infrared.

  4. jonathan Says:

    nice effect
    nice job

  5. glenn k Says:

    Interesting blog, look forward to more.

  6. black Says:


  7. Automotive Articles Says:

    Nice trick, thanks for share…

  8. Basictype Says:

    Love the effect…especially the marble-effect one. Not able to pull up the tutorial…can anyone help?

  9. Stone Says:

    @Basictype, here’s the link to the statue tut:

  10. phevos Says:

    A very intresting site.
    Is there any information about the dark haired girl on the photo? I’m lookin for a model like her.And she is perfect.

  11. Joe Says:

    I think she’s actually to be found all over the net, I’m pretty sure that girl is the soft porn model known as katie fey. You’ll find her;)

  12. John@Retail Fixtures & Store Displays Says:

    Awesome tricks,many thanked for that

  13. Hedieh Says:

    It was WOW
    Thank you

  14. Picture Framing Says:

    Thank you, thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog.

  15. ????? ???? Says:

    Awesome tutorial. Thank you

  16. Mr hyde Says:

    Sorry but… WHY YOU CENSURED WOMAN BEAUTY?… In statue is politically correct and in a photography not?… i dont understand this double moral.

  17. image2vector Says:

    Cool, this is great! 10x

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