Swirly Clouds Vector Design motif- FREE

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Hello again peeps- today we’re giving away a hand drawn vector of a swirly pattern that I guess looks like clouds but others might think it looks like tree foliage or bubbles or whatever you see. Actually it’s fitting that everyone see something different- it’s kinda like the cloud naming game in which you lay in the grass looking at the clouds and name what shapes they resemble. Read the rest of this entry »

Native American Object Vectors: Shirt, Dress, Lance Arrowhead, Ceremonial Smoking Pipe

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Here is a collection of Native American vector art graphics. There is a mens shirt and womens dress clothing of the Blackfoot tribe. There is a Nez Perce lance with obsidian arrowhead-like tip weapon, a Blackfoot tribe buffalo skin shield with ceremonial feathers, and a medicinal smoking pipe from one of the “Plains Indians” tribes.

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Ornate Spiral Circular Vectors and Brushes

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Like an old spirograph expert, MediaMilitia has put together a pack of 50 ornate spiral circular vectors, with great variety. It’s their Radial Pack and it’s chock full of awesomeness. There are vector art EPSs and Photoshop brushes ABRs to choose from.

Check out some of the spiral vector art samples. Below them is the link to get the free vectors and brushes. Enjoy!

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Free Rust Textures: 8 High-Res Stock Photo Textures

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rust texture stock photosThese rust textures photos were taken high in the mountains of Colorado. Old, rusted mining equipment yielded these cool textures, including rust from a pump engine fully exposed to the elements at 11,000 feet for nearly a hundred years!

I hope you find these free textures useful. They are about 3800 x 2500 pixels. Read the rest of this entry »

Sahara desert camel vector motif- free

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We came up with this free vector design while tinkering with adobe illustrator features. This circular motif combines imagery from the middle east area, such as camels, pyramids, Arabic writing, and other culturally relevant design elements. This free vector art is original, copyright free artwork that can be used on any commercial or personal project. This eps file is friendly to anyone using adobe illustrator 8 or higher.

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3 Heraldry Crests with Crowns, Lions, Banners

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By way of vintagevectors.com come these 3 free vector art graphics. Scanned from public domain sources, we are pleased to make these highly detailed heraldic crests available to the graphic arts community.

All three have jeweled crowns atop a shield crest. There are lions holding weapons on two emblems. Also represented are a trident, cornucopia and cross. Read the rest of this entry »

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