Swirly Clouds Vector Design motif- FREE

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Hello again peeps- today we’re giving away a hand drawn vector of a swirly pattern that I guess looks like clouds but others might think it looks like tree foliage or bubbles or whatever you see. Actually it’s fitting that everyone see something different- it’s kinda like the cloud naming game in which you lay in the grass looking at the clouds and name what shapes they resemble.

This free vector download is friendly with anyone using adobe illustrator 8 or higher or any other simliar vector program. This free vector art is original, copyright free artwork that can be used on any commercial or personal project

Thanks for stopping by, check back soon for more awesome free vectors.


13 Responses to “Swirly Clouds Vector Design motif- FREE”

  1. Jadedragon Says:

    Nice clouds I’m liking the new hand drawn vectors.

  2. ckc Says:

    Reminds me of Japanese waves.

  3. CoverArts Says:

    Gives me a happy floaty Schoolhouse Rock feeling… Japanese Schoolhouse Rock perhaps 😉

    I saw your cd cover design post. I have a cover gallery if you’re interested in displaying and promoting your work – coverarts.com.

  4. Nando Says:

    yeah I guess it is a little japanese styled. I have plenty more where that came from. Yes I’d like to post on coverarts.com i’ll get in touch with you soon. thanks.

  5. applejellyfish Says:

    thanx for the clouds, just what i wanted…:)

  6. vector Says:

    think it looks like tree

  7. diginan Says:

    Cool design, thank you very much:)

  8. knot Says:

    look like water in thai muralpainting

  9. Dinphy Says:

    Very nice! Thanks so much!

  10. Beep Says:

    matches my idea perfectly. thank you very much!

  11. Textures in Illustrator Says:

    […] Swirly Clouds Vector Design Motif from KeepDesigning.com (FREE) – a lovely swirling, circle design […]

  12. elladee Says:

    Thanks so much for this! I love these clouds~ I ended up using this image in some motion graphics for my music video, it worked out great!

  13. Nando Says:

    Sweet video Elladee, love the music also.

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