City/Old Factory Vectors

Vector Art   by Eric Fritz Add comments

Here is some city and factory themed free vector art. Two vectors are of an old factory with chain link fences and electrical power lines. The other vector graphic is a view along a downtown city street. Can you name the city?

I took that city photo sometime ago and started a design idea, which went in a completely different direction. What remains is the original inspiration, which is included with today’s free vector download. It’s a layered Photoshop file using a variety of layer blending modes to build up colors and create drama and movement. Enjoy.


21 Responses to “City/Old Factory Vectors”

  1. Paul Says:

    Boston? I believe a shot from almost the same angle was used on Fringe last night.

  2. Stone Says:

    Good guess Paul… but not right. This city is a bit further south.

  3. Paul Says:

    ok maybe not…

    Funny how my mind plays tricks on me. AAAAHHHH!

  4. Nando Says:

    These are excellent city vectors- I’m sure i’ll be using these vectors on some grunge design soon. Gracias.

  5. mono-stock» Blog Archive » ??????????? Says:

    […] ? […]

  6. Lisa Says:

    Luvs them! Can’t wait to use these in something!

  7. Ronnie Says:

    Very Cool… something different for me

  8. Fetching Vectors Says:

    Wow, these images look like they belong on a CD cover.

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  10. abhijeet Says:

    awesome images

  11. Avery Says:

    Reminds me of Providence…

    Great images!

  12. husein Says:

    very cool

  13. Mark Says:

    Awesome graphics. Thanks for sharing. What’s your email address? I can’t find it on here and want to chat to you about usage. Cheers mark

  14. heian Says:


  15. kike Says:


  16. joey Says:

    is it charleston sc?

  17. Stone Says:

    Good guess joey, it’s actually Nashville, TN. I love both those cities, for very different reasons.

  18. alfian Says:

    Thanks. (terima kasih)

  19. Adacosta Says:

    these are great,

    And while i love playing with photos, i recently began playing with illustrator and really am beginning to enjoy vectoring.
    That being said, I am beginning to vector some of my photographs, however not being very successful with it a this point. i.e. if i vector a scene simliar to one you have here, the vector is way to complex and no where near as clean a what you have. do you process the photo a bit before hand to help simplify the process?

    is there any chance you could provide a small tutorial on how you vector some of your photos to get quality – simplistic (like) images like you have here in the city scape?

    help is appreciated.

  20. Ned Says:

    It’s free?!!
    Is a fantastic image! Congratulations!

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