Dramatic Tree Stock Photos

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We’ve got some free stock images of trees that have some natural drama, and some tree images with some dramatic treatment applied to them. It’s a set of four stock photos, all taken by us, far from our cozy 4 bedroom apartments, all for you 🙂 Use them as you wish.

The tree covered in freezing rain and ice image was taken at the entrance of a State Park in Tennessee or in Kentucky, I forget which… long drive. The other photos were taken in late fall in Illinois.

One photo is a tree lined pathway with long dark shadows that help define the path. Then there is a cluster of small trees in the woods with highly textured white, gray and black bark. The trees seem to grow and lean out from a central spot in the forest. Finally there is a silhouette photo of tree trunks and branches with the sun behind them. Read the rest of this entry »

Bonsai Tree Photos – Free Stock Photography

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Here are some stylized bonsai tree photos for everyone. There are 8 stock photos in all, 4 bonsai trees with 2 stylistic photo treatments each.

I created these around the time of this post using vintage images. I love bonsai trees so it was fun to experiment with textures and effects on the different images. It would be great if these made into some design project.

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Free Rust Textures: 8 High-Res Stock Photo Textures

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rust texture stock photosThese rust textures photos were taken high in the mountains of Colorado. Old, rusted mining equipment yielded these cool textures, including rust from a pump engine fully exposed to the elements at 11,000 feet for nearly a hundred years!

I hope you find these free textures useful. They are about 3800 x 2500 pixels. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Free High Resolution Wood Textures – Rustic and Old

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high resolution wood texturesGot some high resolution old wood textures to share – taken high in the mountains of Colorado. The wood is old and faded with lots of gnarly details. One of the textures is rustic tree bark, one texture shows the wood’s layers close up. The third is the base of a tree stump cut over a hundred years ago. I also included some sort of fungus the I discovered growing on a tree in Tennessee.

The wood textures are about 3800 x 2500 pixels. They are high quality JPEGs – around 5MB each. Hope you find them useful. Read the rest of this entry »

Designing With Vintage/Antique Images + Layered PSD Files

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designing with vintage imagesI was experimenting with using vintage images for a cover design and got off on a few design tangents (I’m sure that’s never happened to you, right). Hours later I had some interesting looking pieces that never ended up in a design – but they were fun to put together. May as well share! Any and all parts of these files can be used in personal or commercial works.

I’m giving away 2 high-resolution, layered Photoshop files. I admit they are a bit strange… both have a girl from the early 1900s. She is walking a dog in the original creative commons, copyright-free image. However I wanted to twist it up a bit. Read the rest of this entry »

Ready Made Photoshop Butterfly Design Template- Free

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butterfly-theme-photoshop-graphic-design-template-keepdesigning-promoDesigning is not always easy- that’s why today we’re giving away this free graphic design template, this photoshop design template has a butterfly theme border, with some slick fonts included. This is a pre-made design you can customize to your liking and do what you will. Its simple, just download the zip file containing the photoshop document, install the fonts, edit the text and photo layers, ding! your design is ready.

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