Vintage Latino America Art Graphics- Juego De Loteria

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vintage-latino-america-art-graphics-keepdesigning-promoHola Amigos, one of my favorite games to play as a kid was a latino board game called “Juego De Loteria”, it’s kinda like bingo, except that we played with pinto beans.  This game’s been around since my great grandma was a kid- so these illustrations are vintage vintage.  This download contains a zip file containing a jpeg document with nine different graphics.  These graphics are great for adding an antique/worldly element to your designs.  This file can be used in any image viewing/editing software.  You can use these vintage illustrations for personal works only!

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007 James Bond- Book Cover Art, Design and Illustration

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Bond, James Bond or shall I say Designing, Keep Penguin Books UK has recently released the complete collection of Ian Flemings 007 series, starring everyones favorite British spy James “I never met a girl I didn’t shag” Bond. The cover art of this book series exemplify a perfect synergy betwixt illustration and design. The type treatment is beautifully composed in unison with the watercolor illustrations by Michael Gillette– creating some eye catching book cover art. I’ll probably purchase the series just to adorn my book shelves, they’re just so pretty, the the artwork- as well as the ladies. Read the rest of this entry »

Ready Made Grunge Design Template- Free

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grunge-design-ready-keepdesigning-comWe all love designing, but lets face it- sometimes we just don’t have those creative juices flowing and we end up with an uninspiring and uncharacteristic design. On some occasions we just don’t have the time and we’re asked to produce a masterpiece in fifteen minutes. To aid you in your graphical struggles is giving away this ready made grunge design, that’s right, for the low low price of free this ready made grunge design template can be yours. It’s simple, just download the zip file containing the photoshop document, install the fonts, edit the text and photo layers, ding! your design is ready. Read the rest of this entry »

Logo Design Election 2008

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President Logo
Greetings fellow Americans, I’m sure you’re all aware by now of the exciting presidential race going on. All the candidates are touting their new ideas to “change” America, some of the key issues are the war in Iraq, the economy, immigration reform, and more, but they’re all missing the biggest issue- Who’s the president for Design? who’s going to support the artists of America? the backbone of the Economy. Here are some questions for you Mr. or Mrs. Presidential hopeful: what are you doing to ensure our safety from Comic Sans terrorist, What is your policy on Helvetica, and what’s your stance on Kerning, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Time to Work More or Less

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time management ebookIt’s certainly not the sexiest topic for the creative professional, but getting a grip on how you spend your day (aka time management) makes you a better designer. When fortunate enough to be very busy, you can avoid the ugly cycle of feeling rushed at every stage. Burnout is sure to follow, which drains your creative spirit. But it’s really more than just having more time. Read the rest of this entry »

Stay Tuned!!

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