Antique Roses Cover Design Background – 8.5×11

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antique roses illustration cover designHere’s another free layered Photoshop file. This one features an antique paper texture background, a rose graphic and an old distressed frame, all with Arts & Crafts era styling. Each is a layer in Photoshop so you can arrange the items as you like. Or drag and drop them into another document.

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Dramatic Tree Stock Photos

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We’ve got some free stock images of trees that have some natural drama, and some tree images with some dramatic treatment applied to them. It’s a set of four stock photos, all taken by us, far from our cozy 4 bedroom apartments, all for you 🙂 Use them as you wish.

The tree covered in freezing rain and ice image was taken at the entrance of a State Park in Tennessee or in Kentucky, I forget which… long drive. The other photos were taken in late fall in Illinois.

One photo is a tree lined pathway with long dark shadows that help define the path. Then there is a cluster of small trees in the woods with highly textured white, gray and black bark. The trees seem to grow and lean out from a central spot in the forest. Finally there is a silhouette photo of tree trunks and branches with the sun behind them. Read the rest of this entry »

Antique Design Background and Rustic Frame

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Here’s a free layered Photoshop file with an antique paper texture background and rustic frame of wood and leaves. The frame (border) is fully scalable as a vector smart object – make it bigger, smaller or scale it to whatever size you want. The vintage paper texture background has a ragged edge border with a transparent background. The text is editable and has a slight wood-burn effect, whatever you make it say.

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Hand drawn island floral wallpaper layered psd illustration- FREE

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Hand drawn floral illustrations are a nice way of adding a unique touch to your designs. Today’s free download is a digitally painted layered photoshop file of floral bouquets and beach island life sketches. You can use the floral elements and beach sketches individually or use them collectively as a wallpaper. This high resolution photoshop file (2800 x 2800 pixels) can be used with any adobe photoshop application. This artwork can be used for both personal and commercial works. Enjoy!

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Sky and Clouds Opening Up Old Engraving Vector EPS and PSD

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Here is a cool old vector engraving of the sky opening up with streaks of light and cloud shapes. It makes me think of comic book style art. Could be a cool background graphic for a cd cover or something. Adding color gives it some visual pop.

Our friends at VintageVectors have granted us permission to post this awesome, classic vector art graphic.

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Bonsai Tree Photos – Free Stock Photography

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Here are some stylized bonsai tree photos for everyone. There are 8 stock photos in all, 4 bonsai trees with 2 stylistic photo treatments each.

I created these around the time of this post using vintage images. I love bonsai trees so it was fun to experiment with textures and effects on the different images. It would be great if these made into some design project.

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