Sky and Clouds Opening Up Old Engraving Vector EPS and PSD

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Here is a cool old vector engraving of the sky opening up with streaks of light and cloud shapes. It makes me think of comic book style art. Could be a cool background graphic for a cd cover or something. Adding color gives it some visual pop.

Our friends at VintageVectors have granted us permission to post this awesome, classic vector art graphic.

The download includes both vector EPS and high resolution Photoshop files (27501750) with a transparent background. This vector is ok for both personal and commercial works. Enjoy!


9 Responses to “Sky and Clouds Opening Up Old Engraving Vector EPS and PSD”

  1. Nando Says:

    cloudy with a chance of vectors! nice post.

  2. Stone Says:


  3. memy Says:

    you’re nice, thanks!

  4. Fabrizio Says:

    Complimenti, molto bella, preferisco fare una offerta (PAGARE) per utilizzare l’immagine, perch il lavoro buono. giusto retribuire lavoro. fammi sapere
    Congratulations. very nice. I prefer to make an offer to “pay”. to use the image. ok? because the work is good. just pay for labor. let me know

  5. Stone Says:

    Thank you for the offer Fabrizio, but free is how we like it! Very best 🙂

  6. Cdawg Says:

    Thank you so much! Just what the doctor ordered!!!!!

  7. Laser Etcher Says:

    This vector is pretty cool. Thank you for providing it! I am currently looking for some ideas to use it with, I will let you guys know the results after I finish!

  8. Ricktlantecuhtli Says:

    Gracias me gusto mucho este diseo

  9. Alex Says:

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