Human Skulls and Skeletons Vector Set

Vector Art   by Eric Fritz Add comments

Here’s another nice vector art set guest post from VintageVectors. There are three versions of a human skull – two in profile and one front view (missing the bottom jaw, ouch!!).

My favorites are the skeletons. There are four in the set, each one sort of posing.

There’s a skeleton weeping, one kneeling in prayer, one thinking and then one who seems to be gesturing, “Come on in”, or maybe “… after you.”

The download is EPS format. Enjoy!

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23 Responses to “Human Skulls and Skeletons Vector Set”

  1. Nando Says:

    okay- now can I have some internal organ vectors and skin vectors so I can build a complete human 🙂 Very nice vector giveaway, thanks!

  2. Stone Says:

    Funny you should mention… I actually have some of those on the way!

  3. Skeezix Says:

    Just in time to retool for Halloween! Danke!

  4. Su Hall Says:

    Awesome! Halloween, we are set! LOL Thank you so much! These are so cool!


  5. Charlene Says:

    Great set…these will work great for Halloween! Thanks for sharing them!

  6. ekki Says:

    awesome man

  7. Orana Says:

    thank you very much , your excellent work

  8. Levi Ripley Says:

    Hello can these be used for commercial use, i.e on tshirts ? regards

  9. Stone Says:

    Yes they can. Their copyright has expired in the US. We’d love to see a pic of the final if you use it. 🙂

  10. Pelegrim Says:

    Nice. I bet I’ll make use of this someday. Thanks!

  11. 3mendo Says:

    I appreciate when peoples share software, especially when it’s free or Open Source

  12. brian Says:

    Yeah except for free software isn’t actually free, it’s called stealing.

  13. Stone Says:

    If someone owned the rights to these illustrations it would be stealing. But these are all confirmed to be in the public domain.

  14. Inkvector Says:

    Good anatomy. Thank you for posting these.

  15. Thiago Guedes Says:

    HI, can I put this art on a t-shirt and sell it? Thanks!

  16. Stone Says:

    Yes you can!

  17. blurooferika Says:

    These vectors are fantastic. I’m new to the world of vectors and the possibilities are just blowing my mind. Thank you!

  18. Masood Says:

    Hey I’m new to this and Loving your work. Thanks for sharing. Possible to use some of the vectors for designing purpose? Thank you!

  19. Ricktlantecuhtli Says:

    Excelente!! Gracias, me van a servir mucho!

  20. roban woods Says:

    great sharing! however.. is there any tutorial to make vector illustration like that?

  21. Ghiay Says:

    Great skeletons!

  22. mhatzapa Says:

    thanks for sharing…!!!

  23. MANUEL Says:

    thank you so much

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