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fish-design-pattern-vector-keepdesigning-promoFree Vector art- We’re back and we brought free vectors. We know you’ve all been starving from some great free vector art so here it is. We’ll be updating more frequently now that we’ve stocked up on some free design art elements. Today’s free vector is a set of fish designs wallpaper, a black version and a line art version. These wallpaper vectors can compliment any print design or web design you might be working on. These free illustrated wallpaper vectors are original, copyright free artworks that can be used on any commercial or personal project. This eps file is friendly to anyone using adobe illustrator 8 or higher- Enjoy.


Thanks for checking us out, come back soon for more free vector art and graphic design resources.


17 Responses to “Fish Design Wallpaper Vectors- Free”

  1. laura Says:

    So glad you’re back!
    Thanks, as always.
    Looking forward to more great vectors.

  2. Vectory Says:

    We’re glad to be back- thanks for check out the site. More free vectors and design stuff coming soon.

  3. leopard Says:

    cool ~!! it likes jp and china style

  4. Lisa Says:

    Love asian art. These are great. Thanks!

  5. Dinphy Says:

    WOW! Thank you!

  6. Sesli Panel Says:

    WOW! Thank you!

  7. Kimberly Says:

    Gorgeous! What fun I will have with these!

  8. Rosana Says:

    I canīt open it in Corel Draw can anybody help me? I really love this wallpaper… Please

  9. Nando Says:

    Hola Rosana- i just emailed you the pattern in different file formats- hope it helps.

  10. Seslipanel Says:

    Admin Thanks For Sharing

  11. Sesli panel Says:

    Thanks Admin Wery Good Share

  12. sesli panel Says:

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  13. Sesli panel Says:

    Seslipanel Seslichat

  14. Kitappazarlama Says:

    Thank you for shared.

    Kitappazarlama & Marketyurdu

  15. waterson70 Says:

    Thanks for checking us out, come back soon for more free vector art and graphic design resources.We

  16. Free Vectors Says:

    This is a very nice! I will add your site to useful link list of my blog, is that OK?

  17. Stone Says:

    Sounds great Free Vectors! Thanks.

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