Vintage Winged Angel Vectors- Free

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winged-angel-vectors-free-keepdesigning-promoHello again- today’s free vector download is a collection of antique angel vectors.  There are eight illustrated angel vectors in all.  These are copyright free artworks that can be used for any personal or commercial use.  The download zip file contains one eps file functional to anyone running adobe illustrator eight or higher.  Thanks for checking us out, come back soon for more free vectors and other creative goods.


Click Here to Download- Vintage Angel Vectors- Free.

27 Responses to “Vintage Winged Angel Vectors- Free”

  1. Padwan Leinad Says:

    Heavenly! TANX!

  2. Design Bliss Says:

    These are awesome! Thanks so much.

  3. maxyce Says:

    perfect, thanks of true!!!! you’re my god!!!

  4. cookie Says:

    wow,…this is great

  5. nophadon Says:

    thanks so much for easy my work….

  6. kotsos Says:


  7. SAMMIE Says:

    Thanks very much

  8. dilu Says:

    Very nice designs, thanks

  9. Penni Says:

    Thank you from Bangkok.

  10. sean Says:


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  13. Valerianas Studio Says:

    Just beautiful, thank you for sharing this!

  14. Lisa Says:

    Very nice. Thanks!

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  16. Luke Says:

    Too goood,its beyond what money can buy,thanks

  17. franco coa Says:


  18. aliababua Says:

    Thanx form Kiev Ukraine. Specially for Mercurius. Keep designing, fellas!

  19. JC Says:

    Thanks, i was looking for something like this.

  20. cesar chavez Says:

    this is cool this will help my little one with her school project. thank you

  21. jorge silva Says:


  22. rodrigo diez perez Says:

    necesito este increíble arte para hacer un background vintange de angeles

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  24. Philip Hastings Says:

    Very nice – thanks for sharing!

  25. Nanny Says:

    Awesome..thanks 🙂

  26. JDLP Says:


  27. Snap In Media Says:

    Excellent job on the vector images. I really like the one in the top middle.

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