Vintage Car Vectors- Free

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old car vector artFrom the public domain comes 12 vintage car vectors from a prior age. They range from the first horseless carriages to motorized coaches to turn of the century gangster and “Great Gatsby” age cars.

One of the old car illustrations is Adobe Live Paint ready. If you have Illustrator CS3, just select the Live Paint tool and click around the image to change the color of the tires, body, running boards, seats, trim – everything! Use gradient swatches to give some depth and dimension.

Nostalgic cars, vintage cars, retro cars, all highly detailed and free for both personal and commercial scrapbook and graphic design works, the old car vector art download includes 12 individual automotive illustrations for Adobe Illustrator 8 or newer. You’ll need Illustrator CS3 for Live Painting the single .ai file.

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Grunge Paint Splatter Vectors- Free

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paint-splatter-vectors-keepdesigning-com-promoWhen I was in kindergarten my teacher always told me to color inside the lines- fast forward twenty years later, now as a designer we’re encouraged to color outside the lines.� I guess it’s true what they say about rules- you have to know them before you can break them.� Well for those of you who do know the rules- you’ll enjoy today’s free vector download of grunge paint splatters illustrations from Neno Design.�These are great, especially when your working on a preciously neat, formal design, and you’ve refined it down to the most minute detail and just when you think you’re done- slap one of these sloppy grunge splatters atop- perfect!

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Free Floral Curly Swirly Illustrator Brushes

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swirly curly illustrator brushes - freeNo matter how many I have, I just can’t get enough swirly curly leafy brushes in my ever expanding brush palette. A steady supply helps keep me inspired and exited when starting on new projects, particularly cd cover design backgrounds. There are plenty of good free Illustrator brushes out there, and here are some new ones recently discovered at CreateSk8.

They are for Adobe Illustrator CS2 or better. Put the file in Adobe Illustrator CS2>Presets>Brushes. Then select “Open Brush Library” from the Illustrator brushes panel menu. Then make something cool!

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Skate Boarding Art Vectors- Free

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skateboarding-vectors-keepdesigning-promoHello again friends, I usually don’t enjoy being injured, but when I do- my favorite way to do so is by skateboarding. Nothing beats pulling off an ollie 360 flip nosegrind and landing on your ankle all wrong. In honor of our injured heroes we’ve created a set of skateboarding vectors that would be great for any grunge design skateboard art, t-shirt, or poster- or whatever you’re working on. There are six skateboarding art vectors in all, this free download zip file contains an eps file useful to anyone running adobe illustrator 8 or higher. Read the rest of this entry »

Southwest Native American Figurine Dolls – Design Vectors

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They may be kind of creepy looking, but these figurine vectors could be used for lots of different looks. If you’re fortunate enought to have Adobe Illustrator CS3, you could quickly Live Paint this couple for a more traditional looking graphic element.

Four figures in all, they are based on traditional painted dolls in the Native American Yuma tribe of the southwestern United States.
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Indian Henna Design Vectors- Free

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indian-henna-design-vectors-keepdesigning-promo.jpgHappy day friends, today’s freebie is a collection of Classic Indian Henna design vectors. For those who are too chicken to get a real tattoo, there are henna tattoos, which are not permanent but do last longer than a rub on from a cracker jack box- I’m still at the crack jack stage. This download contains nine Indian design elements for you to use on your various design projects from print to web. The file is in eps format functional to any running adobe illustrator 8 through adobe illustrator cs3. Your free to use these designs on anything minus reposting on other sites- or we’ll tattoo on your face.

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