Indian Henna Design Vectors- Free

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indian-henna-design-vectors-keepdesigning-promo.jpgHappy day friends, today’s freebie is a collection of Classic Indian Henna design vectors. For those who are too chicken to get a real tattoo, there are henna tattoos, which are not permanent but do last longer than a rub on from a cracker jack box- I’m still at the crack jack stage. This download contains nine Indian design elements for you to use on your various design projects from print to web. The file is in eps format functional to any running adobe illustrator 8 through adobe illustrator cs3. Your free to use these designs on anything minus reposting on other sites- or we’ll tattoo on your face.


Enjoy the Henna.
Click Here to Download Henna Design Vectors.eps

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  1. hello loveli Says:

    your site is such a great resource, thank you so much for all your vector’s & tutorials, design posts, etc. I don’t know why I haven’t seen your site sooner – hope you keep it going and really get your name out there! ♥

  2. Stone Says:

    @hello loveli: We’re flattered and so very glad you found us. Sincere thanks for the encouragement! πŸ™‚

  3. Ressa Says:

    These are lovely. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Vicky Potnis Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh thanks a lot wounderful site 1million thanks.
    vicky potnis

  5. dee Says:

    thank you very much! this is what i looking for..

  6. Farishta Says:

    Thanks a lot, they are wonderful ! keep the shine !!! πŸ˜€

  7. lekan Oladunwo Says:

    Ese Gan Ni O! (Thank u very very much). This is really a good source, u guys are really helping us out. Thanks and God bless.

  8. balaji Says:

    fine image

  9. LivE Says:

    thanks so much for sharing these! awesome designs! πŸ˜€

  10. Indian Henna Design Vectors- Free | Says:

    […] Indian Henna Design Vectors- FreeBy Nando The file is in eps format functional to any running adobe illustrator 8 through adobe illustrator cs3. Your free to use these designs on anything minus reposting on other sites- or we’ll tattoo on your face. (more…) …Keep Designing – […]

  11. mommaroodes Says:

    Excellent work, I really love your site, great resources. Thanks for sharing, this is really going to help. πŸ™‚

  12. bubblez Says:

    Hi there..
    do you have this file in a bigger resolution?? Its beautiful but i needed it at 300dpi if possible pls.
    thank you

  13. Stone Says:

    @bubblez. You can open the EPS download into Photoshop and rasterize it at 300dpi or whatever rez you’d like. Do you have Photoshop?

  14. salma Says:

    they are ok but i can do better no afense

  15. Natasha Says:

    thank you!

  16. Mallyone Says:

    If I posted this package on my site, would you tattoo some of the designs on my face instead? Or is in non-negotiable?


    (that’s my way of saying thanks for the package btw :)).

  17. Designer dude Says:

    Mallyone, it depends how big your face is, we price per square foot πŸ™‚ jk- thanks for commenting, more coming soon.

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  19. kagol Says:

    oh my god
    this is my favoutie jagaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!1$$***

  20. David Says:

    Fantastic, just what I needed thank you

    @Salma, why would you go through the effort of leaving a comment just to let them know you can do better? no “afense” but do other artists do that to you often?

  21. Maddy Says:

    Thissssss is a lovely website & i am impressed with the design’s

  22. Shameena Says:

    these design are beautiful thank you

  23. Liz Says:

    Thanks for the freebies. Fantastic site!

  24. pardis Says:

    is very good beautiful site.

  25. Lisa Says:

    These are really nice. Thanks a bunch!

  26. alysha:) Says:

    im only ten and ive just got my mendthey(henna) done by my mum but ide rather have them degsines

  27. mcvonz Says:

    Many thanks!;-)

  28. Shailen & Ashveena Says:

    Thank you soo much for these designs. We have been looking for Indian designs and motifs to use on our wedding thank you card .. These have worked out Perfect! πŸ™‚

  29. inggar Says:

    thanks you soo much for these design. god bless U

  30. magnus Says:

    fantastic – just what I was wishing for, thanks!

  31. Pai Says:

    Thanks so much!! The resource on your site is just amazing!! Keep up the good work!! πŸ˜€

  32. salsaQueen Says:

    oooowwao, its really a great site!!! hope that u will add many more.

  33. pakhi Says:

    its really nice.

  34. Prasad Says:

    Great Help 4 m3 thank you sir

  35. Towfiqa Says:

    You say these can be used on anything. But I wanted to confirm that they can be used for commercial projects. In particular I’m using them on a jar label.

  36. jubert fernandez Says:

    ganda turoan mo ako

  37. chirag Says:

    awesome great for wedding invitations

  38. Hadassah A. Stone Says:

    Hey, I am checking this site from my Droid and it looks kinda off. Thought you would want to know. It’s a enlightening post though, didn’t mess that up.

  39. Paul Baines Says:

    Superb vectors – thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰

  40. raquel Says:

    looking for indian traditional designs to decorate wooden boxes

  41. raquel Says:

    looking for traditional indian designs

  42. maru Says:

    good , but the karachians and arabian designs are much better…

  43. Pak Says:

    I’m a professional mehndi designer and i’ve made alot ov designs, they are great and easy in app. i love indian designs too they need hard work but they are good for brides, and i want to know the tip “how to improve the henna colour”? kindly tell me if any one knows…

  44. Ana gavassa Says:

    I saw one of this designs in one the Mirdiff City center new restaurants…they use it all over the restaurant….Really nice, it is an idian restaurant. I will check the name soon and send pictures, where can I send pictures?


  45. Nando Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Ana- we’d love to see pictures of our vectors in the wild.

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    […] […]

  47. Azad Says:

    hello i have use two of your design to fix my wallpapers, i have credit you so i thought i should let you know. πŸ™‚ beautiful design by the way.

  48. Nando Says:

    Thanks for the recognition Azad, cheers.

  49. Ana Gavassa Says:

    Dear Nando, sorry it took so long to reply where can I send the pics??

    Great great amazing and creative ideas, You inspire me and my students everyday!!

    Thank you!

  50. Nando Says:

    you can post them on flickr or photobucket and send a link.

  51. Jules Says:

    thank you so much, love the designs,

  52. Ana Gavassa Says:

    Dear Nando,
    Please let me know if you can see the pictures. Actually two places in the same mall have your designs. Zafran Indian restaurant and Ecco shoes.
    Thanks for the amazing creative work you do! From which country are you writing?


  53. Nando Says:

    Wow Ana- We are so impressed, you created such beautiful designs w our vectors- it looks gorgeous. It’s so nice to see our little vectors all grown up and being used in the real world. We commend you- great job! Thanks very much for sharing.

  54. Nando Says:

    Oh and we’re from the states- usa.

  55. ngfdh Says:

    i love the tattoes you dont

  56. joy Says:

    i love this. i do batik and i use these for inspiration. wonderful designs. wonderful creativity!

  57. sheetal Says:

    thanx to so much for this design

  58. Vicky Says:

    thanks a lot!

  59. Alexandra Says:

    just what I was looking for… thanks!

  60. jen Says:

    I’ve always been fascinated with henna designs. simple yet intricate. Thanks !!

  61. Heather Says:

    This is just what I’ve been looking for. Once I download is it possible to change the colour to brown?

  62. Nando Says:

    Yes, once you download the free vector art you can change it to brown or any other color you like.

  63. Radha Says:

    thank you so much for this designs…they are awesome..

  64. leah Says:

    i really love hinna its my favorite thing to do when i am bored

  65. markseph Says:

    i llilili like it!!! hena is my know…hehe

  66. Nina Says:

    Hello! This website is verry resourcefull!! The designs are so pretty! This really helped me when it was time for my cousin’s engagement! Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

  67. kalindy Says:

    Thank you for sharing your design vectors. I used some of them in a pattern template at In case you’d like to look, the grayscale template is at and the first version I made with colors is at .

  68. Stone Says:

    Kalindy – love your Breakfast Colors palette. Awesome! πŸ™‚

  69. priya Says:

    it very nice and good i like all stills

  70. Sunil Says:

    Hello there, i’m looking for an Indian artist that can help me with designing a traditional Indian tattoo…

    Many thanks, Sunil.

  71. Holman Garay Says:

    Hey nando, Im designing a Logo for a cd cover and wanted to use your henna designs, I wont be making money from this but the group im designing this for plans to sell CDs…can I use these beautiful patterns, please reply so that I dont waste my time.

  72. Nando Says:

    Please feel free to use the vectors anyway you like.

  73. fullindir Says:

    Thank you for the post . I like it

  74. xyz Says:

    can these be used in logo design?

  75. Stone Says:

    Sure can xyz.

  76. Timeline Says:

    Thank you .Did these work can use for commercial?

  77. Nando Says:

    Yes, this free vector art can be used for commercial use.

  78. Anthony Says:

    Thanks so much! Greatly greatly appreciated.

  79. wedding thank you card examples Says:

    Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really loved browsing your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more very soon!

  80. Karan Says:

    So many Thanks for sharing

  81. kavita Says:

    henna design is something very beautiful……..and ijust love it……thanks alot for sharing

  82. restaurants in kuwait Says:

    absolutely gorgeous designs… πŸ˜‰

  83. Anna Says:

    I would probably want to use them in a printed book, is that okay? Do I need a license?

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