Floral Pattern Wallpaper Vector- Free

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floral-pattern-wallpaper-vector-keepdesigning-promoI never saw a groovy floral pattern vector I didn’t like. That’s why today�s free vector download is a funky floral wallpaper pattern with cool blues, purples, and pinks that will enhance any graphic design. This wallpaper contains an abundance of flowers, swirls, and patterns within one wallpaper vector.� This is a copyright free vector artwork that can be used for any personal or commercial use.� The download zip file contains one eps that�s functional to anyone running adobe illustrator eight or higher.


Thanks for checking us out, come back soon for more free vectors, wallpapers, textures and other creative design resources.

Click Here to Download “Floral Pattern Wallpaper Vector.eps” Free


25 Responses to “Floral Pattern Wallpaper Vector- Free”

  1. Wallpaper Room Says:

    Good designing wllpaper and designe.i visit your site and got more information, good keep it up.
    That is great site for wallpaper and designe .

  2. marc Says:

    niiice!! cute & poppie. Love em!!

  3. marc Says:

    How can I download’em?

  4. Lalo Says:

    click on the link that says “Click here to download..” underneath the example pic.

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  6. Faith Says:

    Totally groovy! 🙂 Thanks so much for creating this site, I’m a fan!

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  8. Auindri Das Says:

    its a beautiful wallpaper. it makes you feel like ur in disco its realy cool

  9. Lisa Says:

    Thanks! I was just looking for vectors like this.

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  13. Humayun Says:


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  15. SAWAIRA Says:


  16. bimbo Says:

    thanks for the awesome graphic of flower

  17. bimbo Says:

    thanks for the amazing graphics of flower

  18. Giselle Says:

    so pretty! thank you!

  19. aaron Says:

    very nice graphic!

  20. Asian Templates Says:

    Nicest free floral pattern vector I’ve seen for free!

  21. phastel Says:

    beautiful. thanks mate!

  22. scarica musica gratis Says:

    Sono arrivato qui per fortuna…. ma ci tenevo a fare i miei complimenti per questo bel post

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  25. nissan Says:

    Nice pattern, cheers

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