Vintage Car Vectors- Free

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old car vector artFrom the public domain comes 12 vintage car vectors from a prior age. They range from the first horseless carriages to motorized coaches to turn of the century gangster and “Great Gatsby” age cars.

One of the old car illustrations is Adobe Live Paint ready. If you have Illustrator CS3, just select the Live Paint tool and click around the image to change the color of the tires, body, running boards, seats, trim – everything! Use gradient swatches to give some depth and dimension.

Nostalgic cars, vintage cars, retro cars, all highly detailed and free for both personal and commercial scrapbook and graphic design works, the old car vector art download includes 12 individual automotive illustrations for Adobe Illustrator 8 or newer. You’ll need Illustrator CS3 for Live Painting the single .ai file.

old car vector art

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60 Responses to “Vintage Car Vectors- Free”

  1. Batman Says:

    Awesome vectors- thanks for sharing. I wish we would go back to using horse drawn carriages- then we wouldn’t have to put up with ridiculous gas prices. But then I’m sure “they’d” raise the price of horse food or something. Great vectors- keep it up.

  2. Vibr8 Bros. Says:

    Great download, looks very useful for vintage-style designs. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lisa Says:

    absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much or sharing these. I will definitely be going through the rest of your stuff!

  4. Mindy Says:

    I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong when I download the images. After I extract the files and try to open them in Photoshop or Illustrator they are only at 72 dpi. Is there a way to download HighRes images so they can be enlarged?

  5. Stone Says:

    Hi Mindy, I think maybe you’re opening the sample JPEG images that you see on the page. Those are 72 dpi… even the big popup. The download is a pure vector EPS file. It has no dpi.

    Make sure you click on “DOWNLOAD OLD VINTAGE CAR VECTORS”, unzip it and then open the file named “12-vintage-cars-vector-art-keepdesigning.eps”. Hope that helps!

  6. diego Says:

    very good. thanks, those are very useful. i`ll see what I have to share you.

  7. Carly Says:

    Wow. Everything on this site is great. Is this all 100% free, made by you copyright free for us to use in projects?

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Stone Says:

    Hi Carly, Thanks for the comments! Yes you are free to use our downloads for both personal and commercial design projects. They are either made by us for sharing, copyright free or both – like these public domain car vectors.

    Just for the record, one may not sell, post or distribute the source files or download links on another website or by any other means. For sharing, a link to the source page at may be used.

  9. Mindy Says:

    OK. I’ve downloaded and extracted them so now when I go to open the .eps file is the next step to convert it to a PDF and save as a PDF? I’m sorry for asking so many questions but I’ve never tried to download vector images before and I can’t figure it out.

  10. Stone Says:

    Hi Mindy, the next step is totally dependent on what you’re trying to do. You successfully downloaded them – they are all in that EPS file.

    If you let me know what program you’re using and what your goal is, maybe I can make a suggestion.

  11. Mindy Says:

    I have CS2 and I want to be able to use the vectors for assignments, which means I need to be able to enlarge them and print them on an 8.5×11 or 11×17.

  12. Stone Says:

    Mindy I would do this:

    1. Open the file “12-vintage-cars-vector-art-keepdesigning.eps” with Illustrator.

    2. Click to select the car vector you want and copy it to the clipboard (Edit>Copy)

    3. Create a new file in Illustrator (File>New…), making it the final print size you want.

    4. Paste the car vector into the new file (Edit>Paste)

    5. Use Illustrator’s scale tool to enlarge the vector as big as you want.

    6. Print away! (File>Print)

    Hope that helps. Here’s a good video on using Illustrator’s scale tool:

  13. Mindy Says:

    Wow. That works so much better than what I was trying to do. Now my question is, How do you copy and paste or place them into InDesign? Is that possible?

  14. ste Says:

    verry cool

  15. Stone Says:

    @Mindy: Yes, it’s possible to copy and paste the vectors from Illustrator directly to InDesign. Or from InDesign, select File>Place…

  16. Cathy Says:

    Thanks for sharing this one and be able to copy and paste it. You have a great job!!!

    Again, thank you!

  17. Cathy Says:

    By the way, do you have a logo/widget I can put on my website? It’s my way of keeping track on website that are useful to me and also sort ad for you 🙂 Please let me know. Thanks!

  18. Stone Says:

    @Cathy, glad you found us. Hope you find these car vectors useful. I’d be happy to put together a logo/widget for your site, thanks! I’ll email something to you this weekend that will play nice with the others you have. Cheers 🙂

  19. mmolai Says:

    Hi, wonderful set. I posted it here on my site
    Keep up the good work!

  20. Stone Says:

    @mmolai. Thanks and thanks – it looks great 🙂

  21. emiliano Says:

    hi good works !!!

  22. ichiizu Says:

    very nice works…thanks a lot stone!

  23. Pisit Says:

    Thank I Love your works.

  24. Jessi Says:

    Thank you Great artwork. My husband will love it on a card!

  25. adhemar roberto meza Says:

    artwork excellent….

  26. snow Says:


    Cool vectors! Thanks!!!!

  27. Syl Says:


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  29. VIV Says:

    goooooooooood work!!!
    Thank you!

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  32. aniita Says:

    they are gorgeous…..

  33. Ronel Says:

    Thanks again. These are awesome.

  34. nensy Says:


  35. santiag0 Says:

    Great resource Ill be recommending it on my web Thanks

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  37. Lisa Says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks!

  38. Julia Amaral Says:

    I really love old illustrations!!!
    Thank you

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  41. Gravur Says:

    I have search
    Thanks for the 12 Old Car Vectors


  42. Says:

    Great set! Your work is now featured at Vectors On Fire. Please send us your personal info to be featured below your work.

  43. macskamaagus Says:

    Thank you very much! I love it!

  44. Alba Kohan Says:

    ja nice work: D

  45. misha_dat Says:

    hi guys can enibody name that cars???

  46. Kimberly Says:

    Superb! TYVM!

  47. Ildiko Says:

    Wow some stuning work here. I was bloghoping when I found you. Thank a bunch

  48. poochikoo Says:

    OMG, these are damn cute!

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  50. Miette Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing, I will not forget to mention you when I use them.
    Hello from France, Miette

  51. Stone Says:

    Hi Miette 🙂

  52. jorge silva Says:


  53. jen Says:


  54. SampeiMihira Says:

    These old cars are wonderful. Your generous sharing is higly appreciated, many thanks.

  55. Miftahudin Says:

    vector is very nice, beautiful and charming classic style but I like that seen like this. permission to download it

  56. Nutt Says:

    Thank You for shared!!

  57. Amanda Says:

    These are awesome! Thanks so much!

  58. Kevin Says:

    Love Vintage cars thanks.
    Have you done any of old Vintage logos?
    Reo Motors
    Smith Motor Wheel

  59. Tri Says:

    nice one.

    i will use it for t-shirt design. thank you.

  60. Arline Says:

    These are gorgeous! I will be using them for father’s day cards. Thank you so much for sharing!

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