The Best Grunge Font Designer

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Gyom Séguin continues to create the finest grunge fonts. Check out his site and fonts like the ones below. They walk the fine line of readability, but never go over the edge.

grunge fonts

16 Responses to “The Best Grunge Font Designer”

  1. vinayak Says:

    good fonts

  2. Stone Says:

    Yeah, that guy puts out some great typefaces.

  3. kaz Says:

    Great fonts!!!


  4. jack Says:

    WAAAAu….Beautiful, Stunning

  5. choco Says:

    really cool…

  6. fefe Says:

    can’t download …., how to download those files

  7. DC in Chicago Says:

    I love his work! he’s got some pretty popular fonts too! I plan to send a donation to support the art.

  8. Jack_ink Says:

    Need downloads of those fonts for sure… be awesome in the tattoo shop..

  9. JOANNE Says:

    I love the grunge fonts, where can I buy them!!

  10. olis Says:

    Great post, thx 🙂
    Also some nice free grunge fonts

  11. bar Says:

    ilike this fonts

  12. ian Says:


  13. Digital Extreme Media Group Says:

    I like the font. Thanks for putting up the link.

  14. kaito Says:

    thanks, those font are great. !!!

  15. carlos Says:

    tsss q buenos fonts

  16. haemophilus influenzae Says:

    This is a very nice font
    It will look very nice on my web site

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